is my magic number for fresh vegetable ingredients is my focus for creating a truly healthy and tasty recipe. All my recipes are simple and fuss-free and a wonderful way to add extra plant power to your families favorite weekly meals.


My principles of healthy eating and cooking .

1. Use more Green Plant Power
I use 2 herby leafy greens in every recipe. The color green tells us that the plant is living and contains chlorophyll which is brimming with minerals and amino acids the building blocks of protein.

2. Boil less and steam more
I use water in my frying pan I call it steam fry to make my vegetables pop with color and at the end of cooking time, you add a good fat like extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil and your family favorite herbs like oregano and garlic.
Vitamins B and C are water-soluble nutrients and are the most susceptible to being leeched from vegetables when they sweat or are boiled in water. Typically, that water is then washed down the drain. So, not only are you losing the vitamins in your vegetables, you’re then throwing those vitamins away. I collect the water to use for later.

3. Homemade stock and broth
Make an excellent bone broth and vegetable stock and freeze to weekly add extra nutrients and flavor to your quick and simple dishes.

4.Cook on Low and Long – One Pot Casseroles
Lock in the nutrients and flavor by cooking in all the juices of the vegetables in a good casserole dish.

5. Healthy Fats
No margarine or vegetable oils only a pure and healthy variety of fats which include extra virgin olive oil, grass-fed butter, coconut oil and hemp and flaxseed oil for salad dressings.


Avocado Watercress Mayo!
This recipe contains an excellent source of good fats monounsaturated and Vitamin E as well as minerals magnesium and potassium to protect your heart.

You will need a hand blender or jug blender
In the blender pop
2 avocado
1 cup chopped watercress
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 pinch sea salt
1 pinch cayenne pepper
Blend and enjoy for up to 2 days if refrigerated. See the pictures attached of my mayo on top of Tuna salad!