Q: Why do people choose to work with you?

I am passionate about inspiring people to regain their vitality for life and feel amazing every day. I believe every person deserves to feel this way, no matter what age or stage of life they are. My clients tell me that I help them to believe that change is possible! Living in a busy city, I understand the challenge of preparing healthy meals, day in, day out! I am also trained as a Coach and take a practical and non judgemental approach encouraging practical changes, which ultimately lead to big differences over time.
Take the first step the rest will follow!

Q: What are your Qualifications?

I am a fully qualified, Nutritional Therapist 2012 and have been practicing since 2013 with experience with men women and children. I am registered with BANT – the UK’s professional body for Nutritional Therapists and CNHC – the governments voluntary register for complementary healthcare practitioners. I also undertake regular professional development training to keep my knowledge and skills up to date.​​

Q: Do you have any specialisms?

Yes in my years of professional practice I have developed a deep knowledge of weight loss and rebalancing a sluggish digestion. I have worked successfully with IBS and clients who have a great deal of inflammation. Correcting the diet is a good place to start. I use a low GL Diet and alkaline wholefood supplements to correct the digestion. No calorie counting, all food groups included, no meal replacements – simply wholesome and delicious food for the whole family!

Q: Why is your approach so successful?

It is important to recognise that ‘knowing’ what to do and what food choices to make is only half the journey. The other half is ‘doing it’ consistently through all the challenges that life throws at us – birthdays, holidays, christmas etc! By integrating coaching into all my personalised programmes, I support each client through such challenges, so they are equipped to manage all situations.